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  • Mild Cleansing Oil

    Mild Cleansing Oil

    Makeup removal is now blissfully easy with FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil. This powerful formulation now comes enriched with Meadow Foam Oil which aids the removal of keratin plugs over time for a clearer, smoother complexion.

  • Facial Washing Powder

    Facial Washing Powder

    Through the power of new Advanced Amino Hybrid Formula, the Facial Washing Powder forms effective cleansing foam which thoroughly lifts dirt and impurities through its keratin plug and sebum-removing ingredients for a clean and velvety smooth complexion.

  • Aqua Repairing Mask

    Aqua Repairing Mask

    Hydrating mask full of Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera Extract supplies abundant moisture to perk up dry and dehydrated skin. It also prevents moisture loss to strengthen skin barrier function for healthy, supple skin.

    Active ingredients include Ceramide Capsule, Aloe Vera Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Raffinose. Ceramide Capsule helps to build healthy lamella structure and works with Raffinose to retain moisture in skin.

    Aloe Vera Extract prevents moisture loss by strengthening skin barrier function and prevents skin roughness.

    Raffinose supplies moisture and enhances skin's natural moisturizing power. Which in turn helps to restore skin barrier functions and protect skin from external irritants. While Hyaluronic Acid holds moisture in skin, keeping skin firm and smooth.

  • Whitening Essence

    Whitening Essence

    Formulated with an additional VC.VE Complex that works intensively on spots, maximizing whitening efficacy with triple Vitamin C effectiveness for an immediate, faster result in a short time.

  • Whitening Mask

    Whitening Mask

    Specifically designed with excellent wrapping effect on skin to work intensively to prevent dark melanin and lighten spots and freckles. Packed with whitening beauty ingredients equivalent to the volume of 1 bottle of Whitening Essence.

  • Skin Renewal Pack

    Skin Renewal Pack

    A rinse-off mask that supports skin cell regeneration to restore skin softness and plumpness. Also boosts the penetration of skincare products deep into skin, enhancing their efficacy.

  • Overnight Hydrating Pack

    Overnight Hydrating Pack

    A fuss-free overnight leave-on mask that supplies moisture and nutrients while repairing skin damage caused by external irritants.