about FANCL


Our business began with MUTENKA (無添加) skincare.

Mr. Kenji Ikemori is the founder of FANCL and the Chairman and Representative Director of FANCL Corporation.

In the late 70s, skin trouble caused by skincare and cosmetics with additives such as preservatives, perfume and petroleum surfactants, was a serious social concern in Japan. Many women suffered skin problems because of the chemical-laden skincare products they were using. And FANCL founder, Mr Ikemori’s wife was one of them. Struck by the irony that something which was supposed to make women more beautiful, confident and attractive might actually affect her looks and self-esteem. Mr Ikemori questioned the industry by challenging the need for such harsh ingredients in skincare products.

In April 1980, Mr Ikemori then hit on the revolutionary idea of creating preservative-free skincare which contain no potentially harmful preservatives and other additives, only beauty agents that actively work to enhance skin's natural beauty.

This was how FANCL started, and began its foray into the cosmetics industry, spreading its philosophy, and bringing forth awareness in the goodness of MUTENKA.